Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcoming Baby "Sef"

There is a certain look about brand new parents. I know it well. Besides being sleep deprived, it's a look of awe and uncertainty. It says that this new person gives them feelings that are totally foreign and completely comfortable at the same time. 

Rhonda and Jordan, words can not prepare you for your new journey but the idea of your new life with Baby Seth gives me butterflies. I am so excited for your family and I cannot wait to see what kind of amazing child he'll become. Here's to quiet snuggles, poopy diapers, playdates and giggles.

pamela quigley 9

pamela quigley 3

S 08

pamela quigley 33

pamela quigley 22

Pamela Quigley

pamela quigley 8

pamela quigley 5

pamela quigley 7


  1. So incredibly beautiful!!!! Totally made my morning. Great job, as always, Pamela!!!

  2. Awww! beautiful pictures of such an adorable family!

  3. I love them all, Pamela! I can't believe you got one of both the dogs looking at the camera. I'm already putting together a photobook :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Pamela, for a beautiful family! I love the inclusion of the pups and the nursery is fantastic.

  5. Oh wow. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, and beautiful words. Captured perfectly, Pamela!


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