Wednesday, April 27, 2011

J informed me multiple times that she was nervous. I hear that a lot. It's not everyday that you welcome a stranger into your home and willing pose for photos in your skivvies. (Or maybe you do?) Well, we shared a few laughs, I got some great photos and then we called it a day. After all, she's a mom and a wife and needed to get on with her busy day.

The next day, I woke up to this email:
Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday!  I'm sure you could tell but I was soooooo nervous and you put me right at ease (although I was still a bit nervous).  I was so shocked and impressed with the photos you showed me, you have an amazing talent!  Glad you were patient and able to put up with my lack of modeling skills......I have never felt like that before and can't wait to see my husband's reaction!  Thanks again and I look forward to seeing the pics!!
I live for clients like this. Thank you for the compliments, J! They seriously mean the world to me and I hope your photos are all that you wanted, expected and more.





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