Monday, February 15, 2010

*Warning- although I believe that these photos are in good taste, this post could be viewed by some as Adult Material.

Last month I shot my first ever Boudoir Marathon. The weekend consisted of three days, seven girls, mimosas, my new camera, my photog BFF, my friend Kelly to help coordinate and my sister Diane the cosmetologist. All of these Sassy Ladies were giving these photos to their husbands for Valentine's Day. I encouraged them to be playful and they came with lots of fun ideas. I learned a lot and had a blast. Now, without further ado, here are the photos I've been given permission to post.

I hope you like them!

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Also, for those curious about Boudoir Photography, here's an excellent article.


  1. Wow, Pamela! These pictures are just keep getting better and better! Where did you find these beautiful ladies? Everything looks amazing! Unfortunately for Mike, this is the one photography that I don't see in his future :) Great job...we are SO impressed!!!

  2. whoa, PQ. i really think boudoir is your strong suit. you have a way of finding the perfect composition without being raunchy or distasteful. these are classic, beautiful, respectful, and SEXY.
    (p.s. LOVE the idea of an apple, i've never see that in a boudoir shoot before)

  3. Amazing job PQ!!!! I'm pretty sure I went to HS with the blonde girl that you can see her face. Both she and her sister are gorgeous! You constantly impress me!

  4. These are fabulous Pamela! You are so awesome at capturing beatiful images. Keep up the great work. And all look amazing!

  5. Beautiful! I agree with Sarah--you know how to do boudoir that is just plain classy. :)

  6. RAWR you are amaaaaazing!!!! LOVE them, keep it up rockstar!

  7. amazing pq! I am with sarah, this is your strong suit! You know how to rock it! (love the apple too!)

    and lol at lauren!

  8. AMAZING, PQ!!! You are SO good at boudoir!!! I love the props used. Your sister did a beautiful job with their hair and makeup too!

  9. stunning, pq! stunning!!! they are beautiful pictures of beautiful women!

  10. beautiful! love love love the back leg shot with the seamed fishnets!


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