Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liz's mom is one of my mom's best friends so Liz is practically a cousin. All of her siblings are too, of course. In fact, because they are all at so many of our family parties, my husband swore Liz was a cousin until after we were married!

Most kids stop having their photograph taken as they get older and Liz said they'd love to give these photos to her mom for her birthday, which is right around Christmas. Of course they brought the dog, Otis because "he really is like her fifth child." He was probably one of the biggest animals I have ever seen! Luckily, he was a very sweet pup and I think he had a fun time hanging out with everyone.

I really loved the colors in this session so (as usual) it was hard for me to convert any to black and white but I included one just for fun and a few other favorites. I like the first one best.

OK  08 web

OK  25 bw web

OK  21 web

OK  05 web


  1. haha, that seriously IS a huge dog! but man those colors are fun. still love that b/w shot, too, though.

  2. That's a Newfie!!!! I had a Newfoundland when I was younger and he was the BEST dog I've ever met, until Teddy. They're tied for best dog ever. I just want to kiss that fuzzy face!

    And the pictures are gorgeous. As always. ;)

  3. Gorgeous colors, and I love the black & white shot!!!

  4. loveeeeeee the first one!!! and otis doesnt look soo big next to donalds 7ft tall self hahaha!!! these are awesome cant wait to see all of them!

  5. Beautiful! I love all the colors. What a sweet idea!


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