Friday, December 4, 2009

Katie is usually one of the first people to leave me a comment. I love comments because they help me realize that I'm growing, learning and improving. Katie, you are very dear to me so it made me very happy when you asked me to photograph your beautiful family. I enjoyed hanging out with you guys! Here are a handful of my favorites.

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I love how the baby looks totally annoyed by his parents. Classic!
I also love Katie's new baby bump in this shot. That little guy is going to be a big brother!
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I adore the love and happiness in the next two shots.
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  1. Wow, Pamela, those are great! Katie, your fam is too cute. :)

  2. What a cute family! ;) As you know, we had so much fun Pamela and LOVE the pics!

  3. I LOVE that first picture and the last one!

    Katie - you have one adorable family!!

  4. Way to go PQ. I want a big sucker now.

    PQ (and Katie!) these are awesome. I also love the "annoyed" look on his face there. :)

  5. Oh my god, these are STUNNING! Katie you are gorgeous and your little man is gonna be a heartbreaker. I LOVE the different looks he gives in the photos! :)

  6. oh my gosh Sarah, you have no idea! he had some of the cutest and funniest faces ever.

    thanks again for stopping by! comments make me smile. hope you all have a great day!


  7. So cute, Katie!

    And, PQ-- your use of color in the family shot is stunning. Great job.

  8. Pamela, these are outstanding!!!! The first one is my favorite!

    Katie, you have such a beautiful family!

  9. The one with the lollipop... Oh. My. Cuteness!!

  10. I agree with everyone else, the pix are truly amazing and Katie and Juan and Juan all look awesome. I'd be so happy with these pix if I were them!

  11. PQ, AMAZING 1,000 time over! Such beautiful work. And Katie, what a beautiful family you have!

  12. Katie, Big Juan and Little Juan, OH MY! Love the pictures, amazing!

  13. Oh my...he's too cute! I love the first one!


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