Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amy contacted me a few months back about photographing a newborn session after Baby Brady arrived. I was completely honored, of course and very excited. Here are a handful from that session. I hope you like them!

Brady  043 web

Brady  011 web

Brady  013 web

Brady  016-1 web

Brady  020-1 web

Brady  027 web

Brady  026-1 web


  1. Great, great, great pictures!! He's so adorable! Look at those skinny little legs. Soon they will be so chubby and it will be hard to remember what he looked like skinny! What a cutie!

  2. Great job, Pamela! You captured some really beautiful and interesting angles of him.

  3. Love these pictures Pamela!!! Totally brightens my day. :-)

  4. Great job as always. Brady is gorgeous!

  5. again, pamela rocks! :)

    you captured him well...and katie those legs are starting to get chubby.

  6. soooo sooooo cute!! amazing job as always PQ.

  7. What great photos, Pamela. Definitely some perspectives I've never seen before that make the photos really interesting. I love the way the blanket is covering his eyes on the 6th one. I'm also excited just to see some more pictures of Brady!

  8. I love the one of him in the basket, with the basket being held! Very unique.


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