Monday, October 26, 2009

I've been wanting to hang a Food & Drink gallery in my kitchen since we moved in almost three years ago. A few weeks ago, I actually followed through! Yes, it's a little crooked and off center. The gallery needs a little fine-tuning but I've gotten a few inquiries about the photos themselves so I thought I'd share them with you.

Almost all of them were taken in my kitchen at different times. The strawberries were taken at my parents' house the morning of my sister's wedding and the first shot was taken at my in-laws' house. My husband's uncle actually grew all of those vegetables. The cake is from our wedding, one year later.

I also want to take a quick second to discuss photo printing. It makes such a huge difference to print in a lab vs Walgreen's or Target. I did a test run at Target because I was in a hurry- big mistake and a total waste of time. The photo was so blotchy, it looked like someone had colored it in with a Sharpie. Please, take the time and a few extra pennies and go to a lab.

I hope you like them!

(And if you do, see the right side of my blog.)

1308 kendon 10-9 web

cake 10-9 web

plates 10-9 web

eggs 10-9 web

berries 10-9 web

apples 10-9 web

glasses 10-9 web

beer 10-9 web


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pic of the strawberries best.

  2. Love the pics! Do we get to see the finished products on the wall?

  3. Seriously??? You want to hang these pictures RIGHT NOW?! You will so regret this...what if they're all wonky and stuff? measured with PAPER BAGS?! Man...this can NOT go well...of course I'll help you! :)

  4. these turned out so incredible, crooked frames, broken glass and all ;)

  5. haha! thanks girls!

    and Jen M- you were my inspiration! i guess i could take a shot of them on the wall... :)

  6. Great pictures!! Yes, post a pic of the finished product please!!

  7. The strawberries shot is my favorite too! They all looked great in your kitchen!!!

  8. It was so funny when you were hanging them right then, the paper bag idea is pretty smart tho, it turned out great. Your plates looked amazing too. Your house is totally fricken adorable, as are you! WEEEEEE!

  9. You're missing a lovely glass of red wine, my friend. I'll happily supply it!

  10. Love the cake one and green apples best! Beautiful shots!

  11. Fantastic photos and such a great idea. Love your work!!


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