Friday, February 20, 2009

It was the best $10 I've spent in a long time. I am a huge fan of indie/folk/acoustic (and mildly depressing) music and on Wednesday, a couple of coworkers and I went to Off Broadway to catch a show. I had a great time shooting the whole thing. The venue was really photogenic and the lighting was perfect which is great because I actually did almost zero retouching or editing. I feel like these are a huge improvement from the last post I did with live music. I can only imagine how much better these would have been with a 50mm lens because it's a little faster and then my shots would be even sharper so that's on the top of my wish list. Because of the low light combined with a slower lens and their movement some of my shots aren't 100% clear.

We mainly went to see Greg Laswell but the other two opening acts were seriously incredible. We even got the pleasure of meeting all of the musicians and they were so, so cool- extremely down to earth and friendly.

Up first were Rosi Golan and her sideman du jour, Jake Phillips.

Next up was the extremely entertaining Jay Nash and his drummer, Frederik Bokkenheuser. Another thing I loved about this venue was that when he'd talk in between songs, you could actually hear him. And he was hilarious. For certain songs, the main one on stage would call up the others and they'd all play together. This is a shot of Rosi and Jake joining Jay and Frederik.

Last but not least, Greg Laswell and his sideman Brandon Walters. Holy cow! He's truly wonderful.
Hope you enjoyed the show. I know I did.


  1. I know I had a fun. dang that dude is gorgeous. muahahaha. ;p

  2. Those are fantastic. I absolutely adore the colors that you captured!!

  3. You make it look like such a magical concert! I certainly like the music :-) Next time, let me know! -Laura-


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