Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My latest assignment for myself was to try photographing falling snow at night. Pretty specific... and difficult... You can't tell it's snowing as much- it just looks kind of hazy, I think. Regardless, I was really happy with they way these turned out. Also, I saw another opportunity to use my tripod and the results were so much clearer. It was a little harder to get a clearer shot in low light with so much movement (with the snow- even though you can't see it) in the background.

Of course I liked the second version better but my husband disagrees, liking the black and white one better. At least we agree on the important stuff, right?

*I'm not sure why the black & white version is able to be enlarged after clicking on it and the one in color isn't...

**UPDATE: suddenly you can enlarge both by clicking on them... blogger is strange.


  1. I love the black and white one! Great job!

  2. I do like the black and white, but the colors in the second one are so cool. Nice shot!

  3. wow, i really love both versions for different reasons. there is some drama to the b/w, but those colors are just so luscious on the (duh) color version. well done on this shot!

  4. Dig 'em both. Check Browers' blog for a snow photo contest :)

  5. Ok, Pam - these are just FABULOUS! I love, love, love the colors in the second photo - I'm thinking I may need this one for my house, too :)

  6. thanks ladies! :)

    thanks for the info, jen.

    jenn- your home might turn out to be my own photo gallery!

  7. i think the b&w version is only able to be enlarged b/c it is better than the other one!


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