Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merry Christmas......? Yes, I know. I'm late. I was taking a blogging break. Break's over. I promise (I bet I'm going to regret "promising" this) to post much more frequently. Winter is difficult for me. I sometimes have a hard time getting inspired. It's a little tougher to find things that I think are shot-worthy and my creativity goes in to hibernation a little.... To prevent such long breaks, I'm starting to give myself assignments. Over the next couple of posts, you'll see a few hits and a few misses. Please be nice! If you have any suggestions for future assignments, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

Also, I'm playing around with some new editing techniques. Some things might not look like my traditional style. Please feel free to tell me what you think and/or give me some constructive criticism.

I hope you like this shot. My husband, always encouraging my hobby, gave me a tripod for Christmas. Normally this shot would just be blurry all over with me trying to get so close to the ornament with a shallow depth of field. New tripod= problem solved! And, in case some of you were curious, yes, my tree is fake- I'm all about convenience and yes, that is my new ornament from the Ornament Exchange. If you're reading, thank you, Joline! It's my favorite.


  1. That is a gorgeous photo! It looks like a Christmas card.

  2. such a gorgeous shot indeed! i can't wait to see future pics since you're playing around with some new techniques. :)

  3. Looks awesome!!!
    I can't wait to see more!

    What kind of editing program are you using?

  4. Love the shot, how fun to see a dash of Christmas in January.

  5. thank you girls!

    Trisha, I use Photoshop CS2.

  6. Very pretty! I like that you're playing around with settings and editing -- good way to put that fancy schmancy camera to work!

  7. How refreshing. I love it - the lighting and perspective are right on. I demand more!


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