Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joanie was my other friend at the park. I loved the background with the tall grass and I think the trees worked well too. Like Tricia's shot, this one is very Joanie, I think. To most people, she is energetic and outgoing with a smile that could charm anyone. Truly, her smile makes it impossible to ever be upset with her for anything but in this photo, I can see more. She's contemplative. She's got a lot going on and you can tell. It makes me wonder what she was honestly thinking about...

This is a fairly classic Pamela Retouch. I usually like to take the photo and simply enhance it by upping the saturation and the contrast, etc. That's all. Nothing too fancy.

Sometimes, I do turn it to black and white. Again, not too fancy and I like it but I thought it need just a little something...more? Maybe just different. It just looks a little flat to me.

This is something new. It's similar to what I did to Tricia's photo but more. I'm not typically one to manipulate pictures so much but I'm kind of fond of this dreamy looking shot. I think it matches her expression. My husband likes this version better again and I think I agree. Thoughts?


  1. Yep, I agree. I like the last one the best.

    The first one looks too "orangey-ish" (yes, I made that word up, haha) to me. (Sorry, just being honest.) ;)

  2. Again, I like the last one best. I agree that the change to B&W somehow made the image flatter. The first shot is great, but if I were going to frame one, I'd pick number three.

    Her expression is great - you caught her at the perfect moment!

  3. trisha- i agree with you. :)

  4. I really can't decide which I like better. I like them all!

  5. I love the BW one!! Keep up the great work Pam:D


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