Monday, January 12, 2009

A few weekends ago, I went to see a band with Ali and her friend, Teresa, and Rhonda. I'd say we all had a pretty good time although Rhonda clearly looks unamused in this shot. (That band was WAY too loud. They must have an amp like Spinal Tap. "These go to eleven. It's one louder.")

Anyway, I watched a documentary on Annie Leibovitz the night before and inspired, I decided to give myself my first assignment. I've always have trouble shooting in low light. I've come to the conclusion that's it's just because I don't have all the necessary equipment, and that's fine with me for now. This shot was more about experimenting, I think. At a show, the light levels and colors are constantly changing so I might get a good setting and then a split second later, I seems to need a different one. I'm definitely still learning but I kind of liked how everything looks sort of ghostly (but with very loud colors, like the band's music)- although it was a total accident.

I decided to take a few steps back and see what I could get from the balcony. I think I had a little better luck and managed to get this shot.

Does this make anyone else think of that Billy Idol song? She was out there all alone, loving that band and rocking out. I'm just glad she didn't slip on any of the feathers that dropped from the ceiling. Fifteen minutes later, Rhonda was hit on my a boy that I used to babysit.


  1. Great effects Pam! Too bad I look 6 mos pregnant but at least I'm holding a Bud :) I loved all the feathers on the floor -- you can't tell what they are from the pic, but it's a nice illusion.

  2. haha, rhonda you do NOT look preggo.
    these shots are awesome. i love the vibrancy, and i think they definitely effectively capture the energy of a live show. can't wait to see more experimental shots!

  3. Those are very cool shots Pamela!!

  4. What great pictures! I totally suck at low light so I take my hat off to you.


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