Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Summer may have officially ended a month or so ago but for our nephews it ended on Sunday. We were able to extend it because the weather has been so warm and the pool has a heater. No blue lips! I was able to snap some of the last shots of "summer" and here they are. The pool is now officially closed.

*I promise I will get some pictures of our niece! She hasn't been feeling well so I haven't had many shots of the baby girl. But soon.


  1. Those are gorgeous! The water really pops in that second picture.

  2. Great pics, beautiful colours - I LOVE the second one.

    Can I be a pain and ask a huge favour - would you mind allowing full feeds on this blog pretty please? I'd love to follow it in my Google Reader but it has truncated feeds at the moment (with no titles) and I'm afraid a post of yours will slip by me.

  3. thank you jen!

    and you're not a pain. consider it done!


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